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6216 Votes User rating: 6,7 of 10 Writed by: Wallace Wolodarsky USA When the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls tries to take over all the Troll kingdoms, Queen Poppy and her friends try different ways to save all the Trolls

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I am genuinely terrified.
Why does Poppy look like shes going through her emo phase in the thumbnail? Seriously, Poppy looks like she raided Hot Topic, listened to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots on repeat for at least 5 hours, and told her dad he wouldnt understand.
Can Rock Trolls Stop the Feeling? Watch the new trailer for Trolls World Tour.
Theres more than one troll movie? Lordy.
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When marvel announced the re-release of endgame i had something else in mind. Holy Epilepsy, Batman...

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I love how they exaggerate a pinky promise . Me and my bro : Cheering the techno trolls : My mom : Classical trolls : My dad : Hardcore Rock. The McElroy Brothers WILL BE IN TROLLS 2. 0:49. What kind of dancing was that? Belly dancing. Trolls world tour full movie free 2020 english. Can't they just ask the bergings to eat the rock trolls. No Red Velvet? Ok bye. Trolls. one of DreamWorks' most popular animated films. but also one of their worst films, not completely terrible but, you can tell that they only wanted to sell toys and music then tell a interesting story, yeah It's got good voice acting and colourful animation but it's not enough to make it a good film, so I dreaded when they announced a sequel, I thought it'll just be the first one but worse, I mean what else can you expect from a sequel to "Trolls" out of all things? well since a certain virus has stopped me from seeing it in cinemas, it actually came to digital which I thought was a good idea, better then delaying like what most of the upcoming films are doing, it wasn't cheap but. I had to see this since it's animated and it's DreamWorks, what could they do to make this already annoying film even more annoying? well I gave it a watch yesterday and. It did try, a little harder, not much of a improvement from the first film, but there was a little bit of effort despite a good chunk of flaws, so let's talk about it.
Turns out there are more trolls in the Troll Kingdom then Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and the Trolls gang thought, their are different kinds of genre trolls out there, there is Classical, Country, Techno, Funk and Rock, however the queen of rock named Barb (Rachel Bloom) wants to take over the entire Troll Kingdom with rock, however to do this, she needs all six strings, one from Classical, Techno, Country, Funk and Pop which is what Poppy, Branch (Justin Timberlake) are from, now Poppy, Branch along with Biggie (James Corden) has to go on this quest to convince Barb that music is different and that she doesn't has to destroy it, okay I think going into this, we all know what will happen, especially with the theme and the story, we all know how it'll end up, like the first film, the story is easily one of the worst things about the film, it relies on being cliched, quite predicable and using a lot of filler, it has a story, but it's kind of pushed to one side, since this is sort of a musical with a lot of recognisable dated songs like Gangnan Style, Tell me What You Want, and so on, it gives the film this very Irritating tone that it wants to keep your kid's attention rather then tell a interesting, that and the humour isn't all that effective and the film can give viewers a headache by how fast the tone, humour and chase scenes can be, HOWEVER! I can say this, even worth all those issues, the film does try a little harder then the first film, first off the concept for this film is kind of clever, one genre of music tries to overshadow the other genres, it's kind of a relevant topic nowadays since one genre of music gets more attention then others, it's a clever allegory also, also the humour is much better, even if there are some annoying moments, the plot is somewhat interesting at least and the third act is kind of what really saves this film, even with how predictable it is, it gives the film something related to it's theme and starts to get experimental with it's songs and genre, while I can't say this plot is great, even with it's same flaws, but at least it did try a few things and was slightly more effort put into this in the first Trolls, but not by much.
The animation is actually one of this best things in this film, same thing applied in the first film, but here it's more creative, more colourful, it has more style, the new areas these characters go to are unique and stand out from each other, a lot of these characters has creative, cute and nice designs, the gags are funny and unpredictable like the first film, I like all these different creatures that are in the film, the scenes that includes the Trolls breaking into song brings the creativity and fun looks like the animators are having fun with what they are working with, however despite it's effort, there is one thing that kind of bothers me, the way it's rendered is weird, like whenever one of the characters move or run it feels a bit out of motion and stiff, I know it's supposed to be fast past, but it's kind of distracting and even though I love the colours, it can sometimes be in your face too many times, but besides those small nitpicks, the animation can truly shine with a lot of it's creativity.
The characters are a bit mixed, the old characters don't offer anything new that much, but the new characters are so much more interesting and has personality, the Trolls from Pop are really just themselves, The Twins, Smidge, Fuzzbert and even King Peppy don't even do that much expect either try to be funny or to create the journey, even Poppy and Branch hasn't changed at all that much, they are just the same characters like before, Poppy is trying to prove that she can be a great queen with her happiness and positivity, while Branch is looking out for her and being quite doubtful, they are not awful, but they do get tiring and bland, even Branch who I kind of liked in the first film is just kind of there and doesn't do much, Biggie is kind of pointless and he doesn't do much besides helping Poppy and Branch and is the comic relief, Cooper doesn't do much besides looking for similar Trolls and even his screen time is pointless, however the new characters are actually a lot better then the original characters, my favourites are Hickory (Sam Rockwell) Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson) King Trollex (Anthony Ramos) and the main villain Barb, all of them has great designs, they are great comedic timing, they are interesting and play a key role in the film, with Hickory being my absolute favourite character in the film, how unlike half of the characters, the voice acting is what makes these characters, well. most of them tolerable, Anna Kendrick is fantastic as always, same with Justin Timberlake, James Corden is just himself as always, he's just okay, Sam Rockwell's voice performance as Hickory is probably my favourite in the film, Rachel Bloom is very good, same with Kelly Clarkson, Jamie Dornan despite how little his presence is, point is everyone does a great job in their voice, even most of them make their characters stand-out, even if some are. ehh. br> On a side note, the score by Theodore Sharpio who also did the score for Spies in Disguise did the score for this film instead of Christophe Beck from the first film, the score itself is nothing special but it is a good and nice score either way, however people are not interested in that, they want to listen to songs that are the main reason why most people want to see this, well I can say about 50% of them are original, but they are good original song like "The Other Side" and "Just Sing" are fun, creative, nice to listen to and has great lyrics too! the rest are just popular and familiar songs that are done in the style of this film, like they use Gangnam Style, Tell Me What You Want, even Rock You Like Hurricane can be very obnoxious and can try too hard to be hip and modern for the kids, I mean these songs aren't even a thing anymore so why bring 'em back. I don't know.
I didn't think I would say this but, this actually had a bit more effort put in then the first film, but it's still not that good, Trolls: World Tour is far from a DreamWorks classic, but it is slightly better then it had any right to be, the concept is great, it has better comedy, the animation is colourful and full of style, the new characters are incredibly entertaining along with great voice acting and catchy music! how it can be distracted by the weak story, sometimes it can be a eyesore, along with the characters from the first film generally being bland and a bit annoying, along with cringey moments of pop songs, this is by no means a good movie, however it could of been worse, so I think it's. just okay, it's okay enough to be considered watchable, if your kids are obsessed with Trolls, I think they'll like this as much as the first film, heck even Trolls might like this. or not, who knows? but it's not really worth the 15 rental, I'd say wait for it to come out on DVD (whenever that is) or if you desperately want to see, then give it a watch, it may be one of the best films of this year, nor worst, at least we got a half-way decent Trolls, hopefully if they don't make a third one...
I'm going to give Trolls: World Tour a 6.1/10.

0:27 I'm here to take your string bro. Trolls world tour full movie free download mp4. Free full trolls world tour tickets. Free full trolls world tour video. Free full trolls world tour 2017. Initially I thought this film would be just cute characters singing pop songs all the time. In fact there is a plot which touches heartstrings too. The colour scheme is kaleidoscopic, and the music is infectiously catchy. It is one big party, but it also has a message for adults to think about. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would.

I'm going to unite the six stones and snap away all music except for Rock.

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Zimzalabin de red velvet. Trolls world tour full movie free part 1. When you basically listen to metal and everyone is thinking you're cringe and depressed anyways and now they even made a movie about that the metal guys are evil,bro that isn't cool. . 1:38 lol A Pinky Promise? Dang... Still one thing I don't get: why is Branch still grey since he went to his true blue form in the final act of the first movie.

Rock = Power Stone Techno = Space Stone Funk = Reality Stone Country = Soul Stone Classical = Time Stone Pop = Mind Stone. I don't think the McElroy brothers' characters are in the trailer. Because I think they might be playing creatures that aren't Trolls. Pitch perfect troll version and the rocker girl is ruby rose. Awesome content dude. Proof that a pinkie promise is the most powerful thing in the universe.

THIS IS AN ENDGAME RIP OFF. 0:52 what thats song? If anyone knows. Free full trolls world tour 2018. Trolls world tour full free.

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When John Laurens is finally a king XD. Free full trolls world tour full. Seriously? Rock is evil? Is this the 1960s? I know they will end up all friends in the end but urghhh. If anything, the manufactured pop should be the evil music. Lmao just imagine kids in the future bullying all the kids who like rock and metal because when they were young they were taught this (speaking from experience of being made fun of for my music taste. CANT WAIT TO WATCH THIS IN CINEMAS JUST TO SHOUT FANCHANTS WHILE ZIMZALABIM IS PLAYING. UGH MY ReVe HEART IS FLUTTERING! ❤️.





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